This is a level between Lower secondary and As/levels, We believe that this is the right time and the right age level whereby we start encouraging students to go for their choices/ interests or what they would like to take in their As/levels and universities. Here, students study the subjects selected for the IGCSE examinations, usually taken at the end of Grade 10. Students are encouraged to study a broad range of subjects, so enabling a wide choice of careers. These examinations are recognized across the world and are of considerable interest to university admissions officers. A personalized approach allows pupils to choose subjects that best fit their strengths and career hopes. Students are able to sit for examinations early, or to study additional subjects, where appropriate. Throughout the IGCSE course, the pupils are supported by expert staff and offered a range of extracurricular activities designed to develop personal skills.

Students with the help of their parents or advice from teachers, go through the available subject combination form at AIS and choose not less than 6 subjects to take for a 2 years program (Grade 9&10).