Frequently Asked Question

We use EYFS for preschool, Cambridge for primary and IGCSE for secondary  

We have preschool, primary level and IGCSE ready to open A/levels in 2021-2022

From Monday to Thursday: 8 .a.m. – 3:30 .p.m.

Friday, from 8 .a.m. – 12:30 .p.m.

We have 3 break times which are: snacks break, lunch break, and then after the lunch break 

Our preschool also has a full-day program, we provide lunch and nap time for them.

Yes we do provide school uniforms and the cost is included in the fees

The school provides lunch only and students pack the morning snacks from home

If you need any clarification. please do not hesitate to ask a question. Our team is here to help you!