Admission is always open throughout the year, you can visit us for a school tour and register your child or  book an appointment or your child’s place on, we are also available for any other inquiries on +250 783 830 067  for calls and  whatsApp  

Admissions Policy

The Acorns International School (AIS) Admissions Policy is designed to make the application process straightforward. The process, usually, begins with a request for information regarding the school, followed by a visit to AIS. Once you decide to join the AIS family, you have to complete the admission form and submit it to the Finance Department, along with the fees.

Visiting AIS

We welcome interested families, through the academic year. This experiential visit, through our classrooms, recreational spaces and extracurricular activities, gives you an opportunity to meet our teams in a relaxed setting. 

At the end of your visit, if you wish to register, you could fill out the admission form, which is part of the welcome pack. This form can be submitted, along with the one-time registration fee and capital levy, to the Finance Department. Once registered, students qualifying for Pre-school onwards, must attempt a placement assessment, to ensure that they are best placed.

Subsequent to the assessment, the student may start at AIS on any school day, as agreed between the staff and parents.


AIS offers a 5-day programme for our Day care students.

For students in Nursery onwards, enrolments are offered and guaranteed upon completion of our admission forms and receipt of the non-refundable one-time registration fee and capital levy.

Each student is allocated a class by the administration, on the basis of age, gender and number on roll in the relevant class groups.

If places are not currently available, then the students will be put on a waiting list.

AIS students, from Nursery onwards, must wear the school uniform (available from our office) during school hours. Uniforms are optional for students of Daycare.

Admission Criteria

The following admission requirements must be completed before a student may be officially enrolled at AIS:

  1. The application form must be completed in full.
  2. The health information form must be completed by doctor and be on file with the Admission Office.
  3. Records from previous school(s) must be on file with AIS.
  4. All appropriate fees must be paid in full.


Students are accepted at AIS through the academic year. Admission is open to all students and is not subject to entry examinations. However, there are some standardized


AIS does not admit students into Grade 10 or Grade 12 unless the students’ subject combination are the same*(verification from the previous or the existing school will be required/School leaving certificate or recommendation letter)

Grade 11 (Cambridge A-Level)

  • Points 1 to 4 from above section, in addition to:
  • IGCSE/O Level exam scores, or other national examination, in the subjects planned to study:
    • Cambridge IGCSE/O Level examination in the subjects planned to study: Average C
    •  Rwandan examination: C3: scores 1-4

The decision for which path (and courses) to take will be made in consultation with a student’s parents, teachers and Head of Academics, A student who decides to participate in the IGCSE or A level Program, can expect to:

  • work very hard
  • approach tasks with a sense of purpose
  • demonstrate self-discipline and responsibility
  • learn from fellow students as well as teachers
  • share with, and contribute to, the community.

Course Selection:

IGCSE students choose 5 subjects, 3 as Core and 2 as optional, all students work with the Subject teacher’s/ homeroom teacher, Head of Academics, and Head of department recommendations on their course selections.


If a student has attended less than 85% of the academic year AND is scoring in the ‘Low’ range, retention will be mandatory.

Students who have missed an End of Term Assessment in Term 3 will be required to take it before being placed in a class the following academic year; to ensure they are placed appropriately.

  1. All fees are paid at the beginning of each term or at the time of enrolment. AIS offers a 10% discount on yearly fees, if paid before or on the start of the academic year and 10% reduction on each term’s fees for sibling/s. Fees are paid in $ or in Rwandan Franc at the rate published by our accounts office monthly.
  2. Admission and continuing enrolment is conditional to payment of all fees, in accordance with the current rates and financial conditions. Students whose fees remain unpaid after one month from the due date will be excluded from the school, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Management. Transcripts (school reports/ leaving certificate) will only be made available to future schools when all financial matters have been cleared. New students who enroll after the start of the term will be charged on a pro-rata basis.
  3. Parents/Guardians intending to withdraw a student from AIS should inform the administration office giving at least ONE TERM’S NOTICE in writing.


  1. In case of extended absence, either the term’s fees should be paid in advance to retain enrolment at AIS or you will need to re-register your child upon return. In addition to the above, a long leave application is mandatory to guarantee a place for your child.


Non-payment of fees can result in the exclusion of your child.


If a student does not attend an entire term at AIS, they will be taken off the class list. A returning student is expected to re-register (with relevant fee), if/when they choose to return to AIS.

*Discount policy subject to revision following financial and economic status*.