About Us

Acorns International School is an excellent school teaching the Cambridge International Curriculum up to A-Levels. Our schools actively value and celebrate diversity, nurturing personal growth by providing a friendly and supportive environment.

Our Disciplines of learning

Our “Acorn” is made up of many symbols representing the different disciplines of learning that each of us needs to fulfill during our education. Their place on the Acorn is also symbolic. 


Be generous, respectful, and tolerant towards all cultures and traditions, through engagement in the rich diversity of the world, while still valuing our own identities, languages, and beliefs; Learner Profile: Open-Minded, Caring, Risk-Takers, Communicator


Actively strives to inspire and ensure discipline and excellence in all pursuits based on the spirit of personal commitment to integrity, fairness, mutual respect, compassion and service to others; Learner Profile: Principled, Balanced, Reflective


Recognize the importance of mother tongues and the value of acquiring other languages in order to be an effective communicator; Learner Profile: Communicator, Knowledgeable, Open-Minded


Understands the importance of the conservation and preservation of our shared, finite, natural resources and participates in environmentally friendly practices; Learner Profile: Thinker, Caring, Principled

Global Citizen

Plays an active role in our community and global contexts, by adopting shared accountability through individual and/or cooperative action. Learner Profile: Risk-taker, Balanced, Reflective, Inquirer

Life Long Learner

Encourage all to discover the joy of learning, acquire the skills that will enable them to ‘learn how to learn, and promote intellectual endeavors and academic potential through inquiry, problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision making; Learner Profile: Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Thinker

Our mission

To inspire and empower each other to achieve our personal best.

Our vision

To provide education in an inquiry-based environment that nurtures holistic and balanced lifelong learners, who will create a better and more peaceful world.

Our Core Values