About Us


While in its growth and re branding AIS sought a symbol to represent it within the local community. It was important that the symbol chosen reflected the school’s identity, beliefs and values and was easily recognizable.

To our pupils, staff and the local community, AIS symbolizes individuality, strength and has an outgoing social personality, it inspires and empowers our students to achieve their personal best.

There are three important features of the AIS logo:

  1. The name of the school and its representation: Acorns
  2. The structure and shape of the logo: Pyramid
  3. The colors: Blue and Gold


Our “Acorn” is made up of many symbols representing the different disciplines of learning that each of us needs to fulfill during our education. Their place on the Acorn is also symbolic. These are:

AIS – Director

It is with pleasure that we welcome families new and old to the website of Acorns International School (AIS).

We are a community of staff, parents, and children—a large family dedicated to the premise that the early childhood and primary years is the key to building a life-long foundation, where a love of learning and school are of the utmost importance.

We believe that young children thrive when treated with love, respect, and consistency, and when they are exposed to a robust, age-appropriate curriculum. We encourage our parents to be a part of their children’s lives at AIS through involvement in many events, from assemblies, to open days to parent-teacher conferences. We believe that frequent communication with parents facilitates a greater understanding of the whole child.

As Directors we wish to give the very best learning environment to all our students to help them on their life long journey of learning, where they develop a passion for education in the very best environment. We hope that our students will always have the courage to stand up for the values they believe are right and those we instill in our students through their day to day learning. We cherish each child’s unique personality, and believe that every child has a gift to give the world of school and beyond.

Please enjoy your visit to our website. We look forward to meeting you in person during the course of the year.

Mission Statement

To strive for academic excellence and provide the finest educational experience for all students within a supportive nurturing learning community.

AIS is committed to a holistic approach to education which fosters a balanced development of the whole person and encourages the integrated development of human potential across a range of different dimensions including the intellectual spiritual-moral aesthetic emotional social and physical.

AIS develops the attitudes skills and understanding needed for active and responsible contributions to both local and global communities.

Vision Statement

To inspire and empower all students to achieve their personal best and become inquiring, knowledgeable, lifelong learners who strive to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

Core Principles / Values

AIS provides a caring, nurturing educational environment, within an international setting, where all students feel safe, protected, loved, supported, encouraged and empowered in their own personalized learning journey. The school is committed to educating the whole child by providing the very best international education programme possible.

AIS is guided by the principles at of intercultural understanding, global mindedness, personalized development and active participation in the 21st century society.

Furthermore, AIS believes that all members of the learning community should demonstrate: